Caramel Apple Butter

After trying my hand at apple butter a couple of months ago, I felt it was time to try another variation. Finally having finished with Michelle’s pears, I tackled her slightly-tart and lovely little apples. As with the pears, the peeling, coring and chopping was the hardest part–the flavor was so bright and lovely once the apples were cooked down that they didn’t need much tinkering.

As I was cooking on Halloween, it seemed appropriate to incorporate caramel into my apple butter. After cooking the apples for about 30 minutes and pureeing them in the food processor, I heated 2 cups of organic sugar in a saucepan and cooked until it was a deep caramel. I incorporated it into the apple butter, then let the mixture simmer with whole star anise, cinnamon sticks, and cloves for another 30 minutes. It is really delicious–tastes like spiced apple cider with caramel drizzled in…it’s definitely November!


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